Ok, I'm done, take me into Darkness.

Darkness Falls is a role playing game in which you play a character plunged into a world of darkness and the occult. Initially equipped with the simple power of stealing life it's up to you how you develop, whether you favour violence or stealth, muscle or mind, the physical or the arcane.

Initially you begin in the city centre. From there you can explore and encounter, hunt, love, fight, amid the ruins of this once great city. It's entirely up to you.

What do I do?

You play a character, new arrived in this big, ok not very bright city. You have the ability to persuade people to give you a little money. And you have the ability to steal some of their life force. Everything starts from those humble beginnings.

In time you'll have decisions to make, you'll rise to become more and more powerful, you'll explore the city, learn its dark underbelly. You'll learn the secrets of Darkness Falls, perhaps, who knows, the greatest secret of all. You'll travel to other realities and unleash your unhuman potential. Or you'll just rule the city, it's up to you.

For now you're a no-mark punk with a long way to climb. We suggest you start climbing. Wander around, gather a little cash, visit the shops, meet the people. The rest will come.

Don't forget you have a tutorial waiting as well - it gives you a helping hand and some very nice rewards.

And most useful of all don't forget to join the board - http://www.darknessfalls.org.uk/board/




be at or over the age of adult consent in your country; Darkness Falls is intended for adult players and writers, the writers are given permission to deal with matters appropriate to the writing of horror; this means that there are potentially scenes of extreme violence and/or sexuality in the material you might read. You may think you're old enough to read it and you're probably right, but the law in your country doesn't, your parents probably don't and I'm afraid until you reach that magical birthday they get the say. Yes it is, I agree with you, but that's the situation. If you're below the age of adult consent please do not join, because if we find out you are we'll have to remove you.

don't be a hater: If you are the sort of person who doesn't like gay people, or people of a different skin colour or religion for no better reason than they're gay, or they have a different skin colour or religion then you're a dick, frankly. You're not going to like Darkness Falls, don't waste your time joining.

I'll add to this as necessary. For the time being however...


Welcome to Darkness Falls


A small note about abilities


You can't just go attacking anybody. It has to be the right person, the right kinds of people. The higher your Hunter skill the more likely you are to find that right person. Over time you'll develop a nose for it. Or, if you're in a hurry you can go learn from someone who already knows. Go ask Benny G, old bounty hunter, he was the best in the business for years until his little mishap. Take the subway to Pirate's Wharf and head left. Tell him I sent you.


That's the bloodsucker's name for it. Lets you take more life out of people, kind of like you're connected. That stuff makes me nauseous but the higher your Communion the more blood you get so if that's your thing go talk to Bernard Devereaux, he's got a shop on Moon Street, top right corner. Don't tell him I sent you, I don't want that creep knowing I exist.


If you're going to be tapping people for money it helps if you're nice right? Persuasive. Big bright smile. Ain't no-one more persuasive, and there ain't no-one with brighter smiles than the Ladies of Summer Aphrodite. They got a strip club on Moon Street south of the subway. Not that I've ever been there or anything, but they could charm the kidneys out the devil, assuming he got any. You want to get more money out of people, that's where you're heading.

Hand to Hand

Now that's what we're talking about, good old fashioned, one on one, bare-knuckle fisticuffs. Except with feet and teeth and elbows. And anything else you can get involved. Never fight clean when you're fighting for your life kid. Hand to hand makes you dangerous to anything that comes at you. Get good enough and you're even gonna hurt the spooky stuff. Anyway you're going to need that. You're going to need lots of that and there is no better place to learn than Martha's Gym. Pirate's Wharf, way up in the top left. You be respectful to Martha now; she's a lady. And she can tear your head off. Literally.


That's got to surprise you right, modern type like you? That we're still using swords in this here modern world? Yeah well guns don't work so well on some of the things you could be bumping into, and it's hard to aim in the dark and the noise attracts the police. But blades.... blades are bloodsucker territory you should go ask them.

The City

You're lost in the city. In time you'll have enough money to buy a place, kit it out, right now you're just a street bum fresh off the Interstate. The city's divided into areas, you get from one to the other by the subway - there's a station in every zone. There's a bank in most zones and Darkness Falls has an extensive network of public clinics for your healing needs. Be warned, they may say free on the outside but those signs date from back when the city had money. Things have changed.

Important Thing - everytime you move you burn stamina, eventually you're going to hit zero and your character won't be able to move. You have to log out for stamina to regenerate. That's right, Darkness Falls rewards you for logging out, you do not regenerate stamina or strength while you're logged in. Without enhancements stamina currently regenerates completely in 24 hours, strength in 72. You can log in before that, the regeneration will be proportional.


You can ask the good people of Darkness Falls for a few bucks, they'll help you out. And if you take a little life while you're there.... be careful though; see those three buttons? The first one is feed; no-one will detect you, no-one will know that you stole some of that person's life. The second button is mug, if you get away with it than cool beans, you get twice what you would have done if you'd just fed. But you also run the risk of being arrested, and when you're just starting off that risk is very high indeed. So careful. The yellow guy running? That's your chance to run away; there's stuff out there that's going to hurt you, and when you're just starting out you have no chance. So bide your time, train in the gym, buy some equipment and use it, and when you're ready come back and kick their ass. A dish best eaten cold as they say.


Maps in DF are smaller than players of some games might be used to but tere are more of them; potentially an unlimited number. And they can be any shape. And they can have their own unique appearance. It's easy enough to move around; subways are free, cabs are cheap. Unlike other games locations don't change, so a shop will always be where it is.


Darkness Falls can be controlled entirely from the mouse. However there are keyboard shortcuts: the letters q w e, a d, and z x c are movement keys, the spacebar attacks (feeds in the case of a human), f flees and i opens the character screen. Here you can equip and unequip, and here you can access your inventory. Be warned - opening your inventory in the middle of a battle counts as running away. Unless you can find an enemy willing to stand there patiently while you rummage in your backpack.

The economy


Very simple. If you can buy it in a shop it costs cash. There are weapons in Darkness Falls, just like any city. Some are legal, some less so. They cost money.

You don't get stronger by going up in level in DF; levels buy you acceptance in factions. If you want more strength and stamina you're going to have to train in the gym, just like real life. And that costs cash.


There are powers in Darkness Falls, arcane and occult. If you want those you're going to have to deal with some very different people, and they're not usually interested in cash - demons don't carry purses and high magicians tend to have all the money they need. If you want to deal with them you're going to have to deal in spirit. Some call it life, some even call it blood, it's all the same thing. And they want it.

Don't think you can pick up a katana and that makes you an instant Samurai. You're going to need skills, and some of them, like in the boxing club and on the firing range, cost money. Others cost life. You'll be finding out the difference.


And some of those people won't teach you what they know until you've proved yourself, so you're going to need their respect. And you're only going to get that from rank, fame and notoriety in their world. That's going to cost you experience.


There's a stock exchange! That's right, a creature of darkness can build up a portfolio of investments. It may seem strange but it gives you a respectability that can come in very useful, especially when you're trying to gain acceptance into certain city institutions. And it gives you a guaranteed income that allows you to do certain other things.


Darkness Falls is still being written, there are going to be bugs. If you find one then tell us. If you don't then we get into a nasty situation called playing a bug, which most people reading this will probably be familiar with. If that shows up then we'll just delete the character.

A lot of the design decisions in Darkness Falls are being taken to keep hosting costs to an absolute minimum; none of us are as rich as we'd like to be. If we find that people are running 100+ characters on IP changers and burning the hell out of our bandwidth allowance then we'll just delete the characters, bar the IP range and, if it's really necessary, limit membership to people within the Darkness Falls community. We really don't want to do that so please, play nice.

We'll add to this as it needs it, but for now welcome to Darkness Falls. You all enjoy your stay now.


Ok, I'm done, take me into Darkness.