Free Vampire Game!

Or that's how it started out. I won't lie to you folks, this is an exercise in search engine optimisation. Put content up they said, write it yourself they said, no cut and pasting from other sites. Like there's an endless choice of free vampire games out there.

Actually there damned near is.

But not like Darkness Falls. Probably; I really don't have time to play them all and people have, in the past, gone "hey, that's exactly like ⟨insert game I've never heard of here⟩! You must have ripped them off!" No, my charming if utterly unaware of how pigging big the Internet is, and how pigging big the game world is within that, and how much of a cliché that vampire / werewolf thing is (or certainly was) friend, I didn't rip them off for the very simple reason that I didn't know they existed. Just like they don't know Darkness Falls exists.

Hopefully you've already played Darkness Falls and are curious about the genius behind it. Or you're about to play it, in which case you will probably be left with a few questions. We shall use these humble diary entries to explore a few of the answers.

Let's talk about: a diary, why a diary? Or why does it look so awful? Or, the big one for many of you apparently; what the ****'s going on? Or, one dear to my heart at the moment - Who owns this?